Ghana Tourism

Ghana means “warriors king” is locates in West Africa. Ghana was inhabited by pre-colonial time by a number of people predominantly of the Akan kingdom. The name Ghanar eflects the new nations. Ghana is famous for its cocoa and Lake Volta the largest artificial lake in the world .

Ghana culture is mix of different ethnic groups. Due to this there is a diversity in their art clothing and languages. There are 79 different languages but the official language is English for government affairs and also in schools for education. Christianity is the most practiced religion in the region but Islam is also growing very fast in a few northern regions.

After 2010, FIFA world cup Ghanagains a lot of tourist attention and the tourism of Ghana is increase due to this event. The Black Stars are a National Treasure.

There are two main seasons in Ghana the wet and dry seasons. Northern Ghana experiences its rainy season from march to November while the south experiences the season from April to mid November.

Kotoka international airport is in Accra.Taxies are available to connect you to the other part of the city .the lowest fares to Ghana outsides of Africa are usually from London

Among the sites equipped for tourists are the slave castles in coastal towns, including CapeCoast, Elmina and others.

A Trot ride away from Accra is KakumNational Park, where you can walk the wood-and-rope bridges though the rainforest canopy. A wonderful experience, albeit a bit touristy. Prices have skyrocketed in recent years, but nonetheless it is a great opportunity to see some flora and fauna (if there are not too many tourists, you have a good chance of seeing some monkeys in the tree)

There several safari opportunities in Ghana , the cheapest being Mole National Park, where you can have a chance to see an elephant while enjoying a beer from your motel room patio. You can organize a multi-day camping trip at reception.

Kakum national park, mole park, nzulero, paga or shai hills reserves are the places to visit in Ghana . To experience wildlife monkeys, elephants and antelopes are said to live in this region Kakum national park is the right place. To see birds Shai Hills are the best place a great day trip near Accra home to Baboons also Parrots and Antelopes. You can tour the reserve on the horseback.

To experience the beauty of nature immediately book a flight to Ghana for a wonderful journey.

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