Ghana Music ROCKS!

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Jay Q relocated from Virtual to Hush Hush Studio in 2002 and in 2003 he succeeded finest recording engineer of the year in the Ghana songs honors in Ghana and the following year in UK for the track “Ahomka Wo Mu” by VIP. In January 2012, Jay Q purchased Hush Hush Studio.

He later on became resident engineer at Kingdom studios (Chicago), which was possessed by the Ghana Songs Organization of Chicago head of state Dan Boadi. Artists took a trip from all parts of the states to Chicago and tape-recorded with Jay Q. The Ghana artists organization of Chicago (Ghamachi) granted Jay Q with a honorary participant of the organization. Jay Q after spending at some point in America returned house and purchased the hush hush studio and together with the devices he purchased from the states, runs in his Q-Lex studio in Accra.

Ghana is house to Ga, Ashanti, Ewe, Fanti, and Hausa cultures amongst others. Ghana is likewise the birth place of Highlife, a category of songs that made the guitar a polyrhythmic instrument and inspired African legends like Fela Kuti and Sunny Ade. Songs and dance are the life force in Ghana and it could certainly be one of the reasons Ghanaians are so friendly.

His songs has actually progressed over the years to mirror the modifications in taste and needs for songs; he can presently be explained as a modern highlife artist. Daddy Lumba has actually succeeded a number of Ghana Songs Awards and various other quality honors and continue to appeal to the young and old.

Lumba showed that he is still a force to recon with when he scored numerous elections in the 2008 Ghana Songs Awards with his cd, Tokrom. In 1999, he succeeded 3 honors consisting of finest cd and the most popular tune of the year at the Ghana Songs Awards. Prior to the year 2002, Daddy came out every year with a favorite cd.

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