Export Ghana

GHANA is well endowed with many resources mainly natural which contributes majorly to the country’s foreign exchange.Just think of any natural resource on planet earth and i will show you where that can be found in Ghana .Talk of gold,diamond,bauxite,iron ore,salt,crude oil,manganese,silver and what have you and i will say we have it and in abundance.With the recent discoveries of mineral deposits like copper, phosphate, nickel, chromium and uranium,i don’t really know which mineral resource that is missing in Ghana .

With the fertile land that Ghana possesses,there are huge and vast amounts of forest which also contributes enormously to the finances of the country.Again talk of any timber that you know of and i will let you know that we have the best in Ghana . Odum,Wawa,Mahogany are just a few of the best timber species from the African continent and we have it here in Ghana .

With the fertile lands giving a great boost to our agriculture, Ghana can also boast of cash crops such as:

  • cocoa
  • beans
  • palm fruits
  • miracle berries
  • pineapples
  • cotton
  • tomatoes
  • bananas
  • citrus fruits
  • coconuts
  • tobacco
  • cashew and fresh vegetables just to mention but are a few.

With all these great exports,one can really say that Ghana is the paradise on earth but that is not the case.

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