Check Our Prices

Check Our Prices

Get  on the Internet and go to shopping sites like,, Ebay,com or any other ecommerce site and compare their prices to ours on the same products.

Remember to factor in shipping to Ghana , clearing customs as an independent buyer and the time that it will take for your product to get to you.

Our products include shipping and duty and if we have to order it for you ,the time will be les than a week in most cases.

We offer warranties,so if your new toy quits working,you can bring it to your local representative and they will handle the complaint. You don’t have to pack it and ship it and then wait to make sure it got returned properly.We do that for you.

Any other questions email , suggest products there also.


Welcome to Ghananet

This portal is designed to source and provide products from around the world to people and businesses in Ghana .

Because most people in Ghana don’t have access to Debit or Credit cards, we do thin gs differently. We have local Representatives who collect money and deliver merchandise.

Some products we have in Stock and some have to be ordered. You will always know the price, cost of shipping and duty on all of your purchases.

Check out our products on the “Products Page”

Come back often as we will be adding products all of the time